• ZooPoo Kids Shampoo Puts Fun Back Into Bath Time With Bath Ready Plush Toy and Tear-free Shampoo

    Aug. 23, 2011 --- A new product available that makes bath time more fun and helps

    kids enjoy washing their hair is ZooPoo Kids Shampoo, which combines a children's friendly tear-free shampoo

    with a cute bath-ready stuffed animal such as a lion, monkey or even a kangaroo. Simply flip the lid, squeeze

    the animal's belly, and let the bubbles begin.


    "Kids like silly, and I like silly. ZooPoo takes the boring bath time and makes it fun again," said Adam Tice,

    creator of the ZooPoo. "They will want to take a bath and get their hair washed to play with their ZooPoo

    stuffed animal friend."


    Just a squeeze of the ZooPoo lion, monkey or kangaroo and a gentle tear-free shampoo made for sensitive

    skin comes out of the bottom of the stuffed animal for plenty of clean soapy fun. Close the cap and ZooPoo

    becomes the only stuffed animal kids can enjoy in the bath tub. 


    "The lid is easy to remove and each ZooPoo can be conveniently refilled for use, time and time again," Tice

    said. "We've thought of everything to make the ZooPoo buddy perfect for not only kids but also for parents,

    aunts, uncles and grandparents, too. It really makes a unique gift that will supply lots of giggles."


    Made of terry cloth and water-wicking material, the ZooPoo friend also sits upright, meaning that it will

    completely air dry out between bath times. It is also machine washable and recommended for children over

    three years old.


    The ZooPoo lion, kangaroo and monkey are available for sale on the ZooPoo website at ZooPoo Kids Shampoo is available in scents like Apple, Jelly Bean, Lavender,

    Strawberry, and Watermelon - and there's even a scent-free shampoo. 


    According to Tice, "Our formula has no harsh detergents to irritate sensitive eyes or skin and no numbing

    agents to mask harsh chemicals. It is formulated to be pH-balanced and gentle."


    ZooPoo Kids Shampoo is being developed and marketed by Everyday Innovations LLC, a company dedicated

    to bringing products from mind to market. For more information about ZooPoo, or to get one for a child, check


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